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Overactivism: the proof November 4, 2009

Posted by Farzana Rasool in Uncategorized.

The first post on this blog was one about the meaninglessness that activism messages attain when they all appear together. People don’t know what to focus on and what to do once they do focus on something.

The argument was that today’s cyber ‘click-through activism’ has little or no effect on the causes they ‘support’. Joining Facebook groups and reading emails that mean little more to you than spam don’t actually do anything to help the cause it’s based on, especially when you forget what cause it is immediately after your click is released.

To help prove this point, an experiment was carried out with a specific Facebook group.

The note by the current administrator, Zubair Adam Mahomed explains the situation best:

“This group was initially, “stop the injustices in Palestine”, then somehow it turned to “stop the media bias against Israel” which horrified me.

I understand that most people would have joined this group as a click to seem like I’m doing something, maybe appease the conscience demons inside us, however not many people seemed to notice when the name changed to the horrifying “stop the media bias against Israel”.

Seeing as there was no admin I became the admin, and decided to make this into a cyber-activism experiment, to see how many people will notice the absurdity, I chose the randomest fruit that came to my mind, which was a lemon.”

And so from being a group about stopping injustices in Palestine, to stopping media bias against Israel, we now have “Lemon trees are our salvation”.


The best part about this is that only one member seemed to have noticed the change from a political group to a lemon appreciation one.

A new member, Günther Josef Schroffner who noticed the changes made to this group said: “It’s funny how many people you see joining these “activist groups” and voicing their opinions….but how many of them get off facebook and actually do some shit to help the situation? Typing on your keyboard isn’t going to make some rebel put his gun down.”

Point made.



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